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Dec. 20th, 2010 10:29 am
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This is the World Refugees Journal of Emmy, aka [livejournal.com profile] ladybrighid3333 and now [livejournal.com profile] dreamwriteremmy

I post all my World Refugees related fanworks here, as well as IC journal entries and WR-inspired OOC brain-ooze.

This is also the TOC where I link to anything I write in the OOC comm if it's related. :)

Icons, Banners and Requests

Song x Xemnas(unrequited) and Song x Orpheus FST
General WR Playlist(including the above FST)

Kingdom Hearts Magical Theory
Living Dreams and Precious Illusions: The City of Always Part 1
Living Dreams and Precious Illusions: 20 years after the Refugee Crisis

doll by harpie_siren, blinkie by syandstix @ sinandinnocence
doll by [livejournal.com profile] harpie_siren, blinkie by [livejournal.com profile] syandstix @ [livejournal.com profile] sinandinnocence
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....I still can't get used to the fact that I'm now living at Rainbow's End and yet I still don't really feel comfortable in Radiant.This is the closest thing to family really, even if I still don't really feel like I belong anywhere. Feels like something's missing... I just can't place it anymore, though.

Also brooding for some reason. Likely the fact that there are two youngsters here and I always connect more with little kids between infant and about 10. That was the best thing about being home for Christmas -- I got to see my newest baby cousin.

Maybe I should offer to babysit... It'd give me something to do beyond trying to figure out what classes I'm going to take at RIT...Since I think I'm going to stick around a while.... Have to poke at their tech majors...and I kind-of want to poke at magical theory and other metaphysics as a minor... Also maybe literature.

This is depressing. It probably doesn't help that I hole up in my room because I'm not sleeping well because I seem to be regaining nightmares. Old ones about rats and big lies and of course being a witness to murder. I hate my subconscious.
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Weird between Seph and I solving the mystery of the missing Eli, I really shouldn't doubt myself quite so often...

Hmm... I think I'll give the dregs of this cold about a week before going back out into the multiverse.

I don't think Sheridan enjoys being the 'mute ten year old I'm babysitting'. Why did I even use that as an explanation? Hell if I know.


1. first stop will be Radiant and I'm staying until Eli's birthday.... I'm going to leave belated Christmas presents at Rainbow's End for people to pick up at their leisure.

2. then i'm going to Twilight because I'm supposed to be doing that housesitting job... the Casa's a secondary home for Refs... hnn... I wonder if I should ask Yen Sid about renewing the wards on the Casa....


I miss my dream-sister too... :/ All the birds fly the nest and I'm alone waiting and dreaming.
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[[posted the day before arranging to leave Olympus Coliseum]]

Hey Song, I'll watch the Casa. I should be there in a couple days now that I've told Phil I'm moving onward again.
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I don't know what I'm supposed to think.

They're planning on bringing Radiant back.

But, I feel so outside it all. Like I'm removed from it.

I think I tried to believe that maybe Radiant would be home when I stayed.... Because Earth certainly wasn't home anymore.

Now, I'm not so sure.

If it were home, shouldn't I be excited and eager to help like the rest of them?

Instead, I'm overworking myself here at Olympus Coliseum and trying not to think about the fact that I don't know where my "home" is yet.

And it's times like these when I really miss my siblings, both Earth and Dream. I think I'm gonna go find Dream-Sister after Nike Tournament....
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[It looks like Sheridan took a leaf from a few of the other companion-critters. Though if her expression is any indication as she's standing in the forefront, she doesn't have any mischievous motives. She looks concerned. In the background Dreamwriter can be seen tossing things recklessly onto her bed the scarab brooch at her throat has an orange stone.]

Where'd I put it?! Sheridan, where's my quill!

[The fae turns around and begins making hand gestures, eventually pointing toward the pillow of her owner's bed.

Even though Dreamwriter's turned to face Sheridan, it doesn't look like she notices the camera's on. She lays down on top of the things on the bed pulling the quill out from between the head of the bed and the mattress behind the pillow.]

[she sighs, running her fingers over the black and silver feather she's not looking over at the laptop anymore] Why...? I'm not supposed to. I'm. It's. This. I'm not. Not me...

[Sheridan flits over to her owner and glances at the camera before fiddling with the brooch holding the cloak in place. Dreamwriter sits up and sighs]

I get it, if I'm going to mope, I should take off the coat.

[She blinks as she unpins the brooch and glances toward the laptop, apparently now she notices the video function's on and she seems as inflated as an upset bird] Do I need to give you my kidslocked account, Sheridan?!

[The fae makes a few more hand gestures then frowns at the camera then pouts at her owner]

[Dreamwriter visibly deflates] Well...I suppose if you were worried. Just go shut it off and make sure it's not posting to the community.

[Sheridan comes back to the laptop and moves back and forth between close to the camera and back a bit. Keys tap as she moves. She's apparently checking to make sure she's doing as her owner said. Then the transmission cuts]
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...List of songs I'll need to re-dl at some point when my new laptop comes this week...

Really really long list of songs )
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When the “distinguished guests of honor” aka The Princesses of Heart were brought to Disney Castle by Sora and the gang, Dreamwriter was sitting looking out the window of what had been the menagerie down into the courtyard.

She was having a late night, talking with Sheridan and attempting to beat her way through a history book while worrying about her friends.

The following morning, DreamWriter found herself called to see the Queen and then found herself being made into a lady’s maid for the guests. She blushed, “It’s an honor, Your Majesty.”

She spent most of her time making rounds to make sure each of the princesses were comfortable, though half the time she worried because most were like Sleeping Beauties most of the time, lacking energy and enthusiasm and it was worrisome at best, though she supposed these princesses were the lights of their worlds. And that echoed across their behaviors as most of them, their worlds were dark, casting a currently inerasable shadow across their light.

Of the Princesses, Kairi was the one with the most energy. And DreamWriter clung to making sure that this one Princess, the Star of Sora and Riku’s lives, didn’t fall to pieces like the rest of the Princesses seemed to be.

As the end of the week rolled around, DreamWriter found Kairi faltering, matching the increasing darkness the Refs on Radiant were worrying incessantly about. She turned to encouragement, taking lines from Sora, King Mickey, Ryune, Axel, and even Kairi herself to try to bolster the girl's spirit. “Chin up, Princess. Darkness makes light shine brighter, so shine for Sora and Riku and Roxas. Remember, no matter how far apart, each world shares a sky and a sea, so even if the world itself is gone, its sky and its sea – its potential for regrowth is still existent.”

She also mirrored this same energy toward the refs, who were doing their best to plan an offensive and defensive stance to protect their new home against all odds. Someone had to make the encouraging speeches after all... and it was something she knew she could do now.
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......I admit it, I'm really considering giving into learning magic. It still won't be my specialty, but I'm curious now about applying my own experimentations. Though to be honest because my experiments so far have involved the application of the weakest equivalent to magic on Earth-Prime[which I have referenced to the other worlds as "The Grounded Earth"], I do not expect anything other than my meditations to do things. I just expect that I may be more naturally attuned to the concepts as the mages have indicated may well be true.

But, right now the most important thing is making sure the Princesses are safe and as healthy as can be given circumstance, and that the Castle remains a safe haven.
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I look at the community and I don't know what to say. I write and I act.

But right now, we don't know what we're doing. Heaven knows we may well be shooting our feet by not acting, but it's not easy to know when movement is necessary when you're afraid of the mines hidden underground.

I wanted a break. I needed a break. Doesn't stop me from worrying though. I feel like a coward for not returning to Radiant Garden when the barrier went down when everyone else did. I'm repeating the past. I should move. I should. I can't stick my feet in the ground like this. But, I don't know what else to do. Is there something I'm supposed to do? Last time I helped by research and my own interpretation of magic... Hmm... I think I'm gonna go hit the books again. Nothing better to do and I don't think I'm gonna get sleep tonight.

OOC: ...post otherwise known as "DreamWriter has no idea where-the-fuck she actually is in canon and is filling in the blanks as she's been MIA since the barrier was up around RG".
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Dreamwriter sighed, closing the laptop lid and looking at Sheridan. "How would you heal a world's spirit?"

Sheridan tipped her head to one side and then did a series of hand waves that Dreamwriter was starting to begin to understand after so many months living with the mute little fae.

Since the sequence ended with a hug which Dreamwriter had learned to symbol care and love in Sheridan's awkward sign language. Dreamwriter chuckled, "I assumed that it would be the same as everything else -- love, care and gentility. The question is how do we get to that place between where we can know the spirits? It happened on a fluke last time -- a boon for saving the worlds."

She sighed, "This time we must unlock the doors ourselves, it's not so much of a gift of a window. Though I hope we can find a window without unleashing a shadow. The worlds don't need more pain right now, if Aerith's post is any indication."
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Coldplay - Lovers in Japan ~ Reign of Love [... i'll be honest i'm NOT sure where i was going here]
Eva Cassidy - Songbird [Songbird - Orpheus v. Josi]
Kate Bush - Prelude [Eli~]
The Cranberries - Dreaming My Dreams [Songbird - contemplating about Orpheus Josiah [again]
This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren [Calum to Lilith]
Miriam Stockley - Perfect Day [Christmas break/Hawaii]
Andrew Bird - Yawny at the Apocalypse ["the multiverse is redundant"-syndrome]
Ruby Throat - Salto Angel [... i want to put this as a sephiroth song but i'm not sure how well it works yet]
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November 1 2010
... passing out is not the way i intended to spend the new year. Really cute kid, though. smart for his age too.

Unfortunately, once again i fail to make the halloween party for the second year in a row. jesus christ. why do heartless and my highly-sensitive nature make me that prone to a simple earth-prime cloaking and solidarity spell making me incapacitated.
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While other refugees gleefully went after chasing Calum in their quest to save both Ryune and Josiah, the DreamWriter sat at a desk in Radiant Library that looked over the town, the town now abandoned by much of the Refugees. If one looked at her from the entrance, it looked like she was frozen in place and time had stopped, her eyes were closed and she seemed almost at rest. All that moved was her hands, Hope-Writer, the black and silver quill in her hands scrawling across parchment. Spirit Writing, or Automatic Writing was what this was often called on Earth. However, she wasn't writing words from Spirits, but words from her own heart. The Scarab at her neck, held the carnelian still... The symbol of connection.

Sheridan lazily sat on the nearby windowsill, watching over the Refugee.

The scrawl on the paper read something like this -

DreamSeeker, Dreamer, Messenger... Lover, Villain, Outsider....Twilight, Darkness, Light... Always connected, always together. Hard enough though our paths be... Never lost, never forgotten. Some things will stay, some things will go. Oneday, brilliance we evoke together, the balance of worlds, will save us all. Worlds sleeping are not dead. The cycle must return. The sun will rise, our hearts will blend. Our wish will be. Dream together.

The fight may last, but hope shines true. Whatever is given, can be saved. And little most know, memories serve far greater purpose in love and hope. For they are what build us up, and they are what define us as much as our actions.

We are waiting to stop dreaming. We are waiting to move. Help us turn to what we should.
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DreamWriter was worried about the wedding. For the most of the weekend, she'd purposefully been losing sleep, putting wedding-fitting designs onto her outfits, teaching her self sewing and weaving among other things.

She had bought a frilly child's dress in the market place a while back but never worn it, so this was her opportunity to wear the mint and chocolate affair.

On her new cloak, with silver thread, she had embroidered a cloud with a heart inside it and the sunshine peaking around an edge. And on the sleeves -- one side had an embroidery of a vine and the other had a spider web.

THe crystal for her staff was obsidian and she was going to insist on sitting near the door, where the staff's powers would be able to theoretically remove anyone's external baggage.

The scarab brooch over the frogs fastenings of her cloak held the carnelian as a reminder that as Refugees they were "all in this together".

Under all this, she was wearing a new pair of high-heeled mary janes.
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also, I'll admit writing with a mirror also sucks more. :D

Little Sheridan's proving herself useful, though she thinks all this is rather funny. She's laughing at me... Or at least that's what it seems to be. She signs, rather than talks or jingles. My apartment's clean, though. Good I suppose.

I should put up a picture post of all the stuff I got at Star Market at some point... including Ryune and Brandon's wedding presents...

Oh, and Song, if you need some parchment before this curse wears off, feel free to stop by. you know where I live, even though it's not exactly close to Rainbow End at all.
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I keep my light shining on the community... but really? I'm worried.

I may live in light, and light outshines darkness, but even darkness has light and light, darkness. Without those, the world would be naught.

Things are very strange these days... Calum and the first darkness. Dream Brother Orpheus, flown away somewhere unknown. I miss him and I barely knew him, though our ideas are near complete opposites. We share the same dream, but a different methodology. It's always been the way with all three of us. And I... I'm the artist, the one who creates in the now, but does so slowly inspite of impatience, rather than destroying that which is cared for by others. My problem is that I worry too much and I give too much, though. That's my darkness. I am open to any possibilities, as long as faith, loyalty, love, and friendship remain intact.

I'm going to Narnia, hopefully, with Rox and a few others. I hope to heavens Aslan will hear the prayer of someone who doesn't quite believe in him, but in another variation of him. It's hard you know. Doubting oneself and ones belief system. THough, at least I was once one of his kind. I hope we can find some answers. So much is problematic. The World is problematic, but that doesn't mean a solution is destruction, rather... the solution is balance. We do need the first darkness, but at the same time, we need it in moderation. it's... just hard to figure out where that is if you don't even know where to start. And... thinking is running us in circles and time... we don't have enough time and not enough answers. How do you fix things when you don't exactly know how they are broken?
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this version is unsorted and has 2 versions of i will follow you into the dark as im not sure which one i like more lol

WR Playlist Redux )


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