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When the “distinguished guests of honor” aka The Princesses of Heart were brought to Disney Castle by Sora and the gang, Dreamwriter was sitting looking out the window of what had been the menagerie down into the courtyard.

She was having a late night, talking with Sheridan and attempting to beat her way through a history book while worrying about her friends.

The following morning, DreamWriter found herself called to see the Queen and then found herself being made into a lady’s maid for the guests. She blushed, “It’s an honor, Your Majesty.”

She spent most of her time making rounds to make sure each of the princesses were comfortable, though half the time she worried because most were like Sleeping Beauties most of the time, lacking energy and enthusiasm and it was worrisome at best, though she supposed these princesses were the lights of their worlds. And that echoed across their behaviors as most of them, their worlds were dark, casting a currently inerasable shadow across their light.

Of the Princesses, Kairi was the one with the most energy. And DreamWriter clung to making sure that this one Princess, the Star of Sora and Riku’s lives, didn’t fall to pieces like the rest of the Princesses seemed to be.

As the end of the week rolled around, DreamWriter found Kairi faltering, matching the increasing darkness the Refs on Radiant were worrying incessantly about. She turned to encouragement, taking lines from Sora, King Mickey, Ryune, Axel, and even Kairi herself to try to bolster the girl's spirit. “Chin up, Princess. Darkness makes light shine brighter, so shine for Sora and Riku and Roxas. Remember, no matter how far apart, each world shares a sky and a sea, so even if the world itself is gone, its sky and its sea – its potential for regrowth is still existent.”

She also mirrored this same energy toward the refs, who were doing their best to plan an offensive and defensive stance to protect their new home against all odds. Someone had to make the encouraging speeches after all... and it was something she knew she could do now.


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