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Dreamwriter sighed, closing the laptop lid and looking at Sheridan. "How would you heal a world's spirit?"

Sheridan tipped her head to one side and then did a series of hand waves that Dreamwriter was starting to begin to understand after so many months living with the mute little fae.

Since the sequence ended with a hug which Dreamwriter had learned to symbol care and love in Sheridan's awkward sign language. Dreamwriter chuckled, "I assumed that it would be the same as everything else -- love, care and gentility. The question is how do we get to that place between where we can know the spirits? It happened on a fluke last time -- a boon for saving the worlds."

She sighed, "This time we must unlock the doors ourselves, it's not so much of a gift of a window. Though I hope we can find a window without unleashing a shadow. The worlds don't need more pain right now, if Aerith's post is any indication."
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While other refugees gleefully went after chasing Calum in their quest to save both Ryune and Josiah, the DreamWriter sat at a desk in Radiant Library that looked over the town, the town now abandoned by much of the Refugees. If one looked at her from the entrance, it looked like she was frozen in place and time had stopped, her eyes were closed and she seemed almost at rest. All that moved was her hands, Hope-Writer, the black and silver quill in her hands scrawling across parchment. Spirit Writing, or Automatic Writing was what this was often called on Earth. However, she wasn't writing words from Spirits, but words from her own heart. The Scarab at her neck, held the carnelian still... The symbol of connection.

Sheridan lazily sat on the nearby windowsill, watching over the Refugee.

The scrawl on the paper read something like this -

DreamSeeker, Dreamer, Messenger... Lover, Villain, Outsider....Twilight, Darkness, Light... Always connected, always together. Hard enough though our paths be... Never lost, never forgotten. Some things will stay, some things will go. Oneday, brilliance we evoke together, the balance of worlds, will save us all. Worlds sleeping are not dead. The cycle must return. The sun will rise, our hearts will blend. Our wish will be. Dream together.

The fight may last, but hope shines true. Whatever is given, can be saved. And little most know, memories serve far greater purpose in love and hope. For they are what build us up, and they are what define us as much as our actions.

We are waiting to stop dreaming. We are waiting to move. Help us turn to what we should.
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DreamWriter was worried about the wedding. For the most of the weekend, she'd purposefully been losing sleep, putting wedding-fitting designs onto her outfits, teaching her self sewing and weaving among other things.

She had bought a frilly child's dress in the market place a while back but never worn it, so this was her opportunity to wear the mint and chocolate affair.

On her new cloak, with silver thread, she had embroidered a cloud with a heart inside it and the sunshine peaking around an edge. And on the sleeves -- one side had an embroidery of a vine and the other had a spider web.

THe crystal for her staff was obsidian and she was going to insist on sitting near the door, where the staff's powers would be able to theoretically remove anyone's external baggage.

The scarab brooch over the frogs fastenings of her cloak held the carnelian as a reminder that as Refugees they were "all in this together".

Under all this, she was wearing a new pair of high-heeled mary janes.
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I think I found what I'm looking for... and I wonder if maybe I can start learning to use my mental bonds to improve my own skills. Being the innocent one who knows too much is perhaps the best disguise I have. I have some of the skills of my bonds in lesser qualities, after all. Perhaps I can start to tap my knowledge into theirs. I know I have a shared memory tool in my mind, we just...don't usually use it for combining real-time knowledge and source knowledge. It tends to be used as a real-time knowledge tracker as well as a check-in-check-out point to the few who behave similar to gateway systems.

I'm...perhaps one of the interesting ones that no one knows. *chuckles* I kind of like that. "It's always the quiet ones," after all. Plus the fact that I can believe so strongly in the strangest of things. But, I suppose if I'm going to tap into the one that should be easiest to tap into, I'm going to need to find some flowers and a some wire.... hmm.... might need a quick trip to earth at some point...

I'm starting to get attached to this song, even if it IS unorthodox and kinda evil in a diplomatic way.

Song, I'm also around to talk if you ever need anyone else to talk with.
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Summary: Emmy talks to herself in the upper room while Dr. James works downstairs on one of his contraptions. There's a lot of things the refugees don't know about her, and she contemplates whether it would be a good thing to reveal them or not. set before the Xigbar Treasure hunt log.

non-important personal plotting~feel free to read )
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[[Italian Dinner Out, Traverse Town, 3rd District [open]]]
People: [livejournal.com profile] tenshi_ryuu, [livejournal.com profile] ladybrighid3333, and anyone else in Traverse who wants to meet us for dinner.
Setting: Traverse Town--2nd District to 3rd District, "Strombolli's".
Time: Day 61, 'round dinnertime
Content: Ryuu & Emmy (and anyone else who catches up) are heading toward 3rd District's Italian restaurant for a Dutch treat dinner. (we're calling it Strombolli's--if only because the fountain in 3rd looks a lot like the one in Lady and the Tramp).

mmy grinned, walking toward Third District with Ryuu sort-of leading the way.  )
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[[Wonderland, Days 22-23: Making my way through the woods]]
Player(s): Emmy ([livejournal.com profile] ladybrighid3333), mentions of the other Wonderlanders.
Setting: Lotus Forest, Wonderland ending at "The Giant Tree with the Owl Hole"
Time: Night of Day 22, Morning to Evening, Day 23
Content: The trees were both one of the best places to be and one of the worst...She had to get to the others somehow, though.
Warnings: one swear and an awful lot of artistic license.
OOC Notes: rolled dice to fill out the rp plot.... The dice were...surprisingly kind.
Looking down she made an odd noise... )


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