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[[posted the day before arranging to leave Olympus Coliseum]]

Hey Song, I'll watch the Casa. I should be there in a couple days now that I've told Phil I'm moving onward again.
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Seeing things the Way Xemnas does...opening my mind... I do... still have faith in him... It is a faith at the end of a leash, but... This song fits what I'm thinking about it.

I...I've been thinking...This icon has some truth to it. It's from the Book Ender's Shadow. Orson Scott Card... I've been fond of his books for his take on religion...and life. It's...cynical, yet wise, yet idealistic. I told Xemnas that I am Contradiction--dreamer, realist, and cynic. Also, that i believe balance is needed, necessary. But that I have faith in whatever end he works. I have faith in each of US as well. I wouldn't tell the others outright that I think such things... Also...I gave him my thought about dreams... I see dreams as paths, outlets, patterns and keys, but not as answers. The definition of dream is inspiration and hope to me.

Where the icon comes from )

I suppose....on the one hand...Xemnas has a door open and a few minds, but I do think there must be another method...or at least..another use for these dreams...somewhere.

I have to wonder...what he thought about my words, truly though. He said it was a strange answer. I believe he's starting to be easier to understand and it is easier for him to understand... I don't know, though...honestly...3 days was enough to raise the Savior and make Believers from Him, but it is not nearly enough time these days... so few people KNOW. How little everyone knows.... People ARE stupid. Individuals are stupid. It's not a lie...and while stupidity can be beautiful, I don't know...there's MORE to this world.

damn, I'm starting to SOUND like a mix of him and DiZ in my head...

...I wonder if there is a world out there besides Narnia where there might be answers...


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