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[It looks like Sheridan took a leaf from a few of the other companion-critters. Though if her expression is any indication as she's standing in the forefront, she doesn't have any mischievous motives. She looks concerned. In the background Dreamwriter can be seen tossing things recklessly onto her bed the scarab brooch at her throat has an orange stone.]

Where'd I put it?! Sheridan, where's my quill!

[The fae turns around and begins making hand gestures, eventually pointing toward the pillow of her owner's bed.

Even though Dreamwriter's turned to face Sheridan, it doesn't look like she notices the camera's on. She lays down on top of the things on the bed pulling the quill out from between the head of the bed and the mattress behind the pillow.]

[she sighs, running her fingers over the black and silver feather she's not looking over at the laptop anymore] Why...? I'm not supposed to. I'm. It's. This. I'm not. Not me...

[Sheridan flits over to her owner and glances at the camera before fiddling with the brooch holding the cloak in place. Dreamwriter sits up and sighs]

I get it, if I'm going to mope, I should take off the coat.

[She blinks as she unpins the brooch and glances toward the laptop, apparently now she notices the video function's on and she seems as inflated as an upset bird] Do I need to give you my kidslocked account, Sheridan?!

[The fae makes a few more hand gestures then frowns at the camera then pouts at her owner]

[Dreamwriter visibly deflates] Well...I suppose if you were worried. Just go shut it off and make sure it's not posting to the community.

[Sheridan comes back to the laptop and moves back and forth between close to the camera and back a bit. Keys tap as she moves. She's apparently checking to make sure she's doing as her owner said. Then the transmission cuts]
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When the “distinguished guests of honor” aka The Princesses of Heart were brought to Disney Castle by Sora and the gang, Dreamwriter was sitting looking out the window of what had been the menagerie down into the courtyard.

She was having a late night, talking with Sheridan and attempting to beat her way through a history book while worrying about her friends.

The following morning, DreamWriter found herself called to see the Queen and then found herself being made into a lady’s maid for the guests. She blushed, “It’s an honor, Your Majesty.”

She spent most of her time making rounds to make sure each of the princesses were comfortable, though half the time she worried because most were like Sleeping Beauties most of the time, lacking energy and enthusiasm and it was worrisome at best, though she supposed these princesses were the lights of their worlds. And that echoed across their behaviors as most of them, their worlds were dark, casting a currently inerasable shadow across their light.

Of the Princesses, Kairi was the one with the most energy. And DreamWriter clung to making sure that this one Princess, the Star of Sora and Riku’s lives, didn’t fall to pieces like the rest of the Princesses seemed to be.

As the end of the week rolled around, DreamWriter found Kairi faltering, matching the increasing darkness the Refs on Radiant were worrying incessantly about. She turned to encouragement, taking lines from Sora, King Mickey, Ryune, Axel, and even Kairi herself to try to bolster the girl's spirit. “Chin up, Princess. Darkness makes light shine brighter, so shine for Sora and Riku and Roxas. Remember, no matter how far apart, each world shares a sky and a sea, so even if the world itself is gone, its sky and its sea – its potential for regrowth is still existent.”

She also mirrored this same energy toward the refs, who were doing their best to plan an offensive and defensive stance to protect their new home against all odds. Someone had to make the encouraging speeches after all... and it was something she knew she could do now.
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"I want to dream. I want to be free. I want happiness. I want love. I want to be me."

I hate the way society has laid itself out. i hate the dichotomy of society... money, spectacular grades, and spectacular looks versus what you can do, how well you handle things, and what's on the inside. And of course the power of networking.

Society today is full of corruption, power, force of will, espionage, lies. What happened to love? Where did it all go?

I'm losing hope. I don't see the point in this. I know there must be more...

It's a painful world when the historian doesn't see a point in recording....

I've been extremely clucky since January. I'm only 20 and I want to have a baby. It's so funny, though. You'd never expect this from me if you knew me well, considering the fact that there is a pretty deep internal aversion to the physicality of romance.

All I want to do right now is have a family. I want to be the 1950s mom who stays at home, takes care of the kids, and maybe does some clerical work for her husband.

Is it wrong that I have 1950s ideals? Tell me, why it is wrong to wish for the past or a future yet unknown?

Please tell me there is something more beyond this darkness... please.

"I think one of our most important tasks is to convince others that there is nothing to fear in difference; that difference, in fact, is one of the healthiest and most invigorating of human characteristics without which life would become meaningless. Here lies the power of the liberal way: not in making the whole world Unitarian, but in helping ourselves and others to see some of the possibilities inherent in viewpoints other than one's own; in encouraging the free interchange of ideas; in welcoming the fresh approaches to the problems of life; in urging the fullest, most vigorous use of critical self-examination." - Aldlai Stevenson
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for [livejournal.com profile] charloft: Dirty litle secrets. Some secrets are big, and some are just embarassing. What embarassing little secrets do you have? Do you enjoy watching soaps, do you sleep with a teddy bear? Confess!
nb: this is as much the MUN's opinion as her character... do remember that DreamWriter happens to be a KH-crossversed version of the mun.

They say two can keep a secret if only one of them is dead, but truly? I believe there are people who can hide "dirty little secrets". It's all a matter of perspective. Who's to say what is reality and what is fiction? Define "real." Can you?

My reality and yours may differ greatly. Maybe this is all someone's game. Maybe we all live a dream. And maybe, just maybe, we will wake from this dream. I mean, think about it. It's easily accessible to bullshit. That's why there are LJs about "fake LJs and fake MySpaces." But even more than that, it's quite easy to change one's appearance subtly and become one of 3 in a rating community instead of one. :o The internet makes BS worthwhile and simple. Especially with 32 minute internet access in libraries and almost unlimited access for college labs.

My secret? I like BS... a lot. Drama's my thing even if I can't act for SHIT in person or voice. LJ is my theatre.
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Summary: Emmy talks to herself in the upper room while Dr. James works downstairs on one of his contraptions. There's a lot of things the refugees don't know about her, and she contemplates whether it would be a good thing to reveal them or not. set before the Xigbar Treasure hunt log.

non-important personal plotting~feel free to read )
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