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When the “distinguished guests of honor” aka The Princesses of Heart were brought to Disney Castle by Sora and the gang, Dreamwriter was sitting looking out the window of what had been the menagerie down into the courtyard.

She was having a late night, talking with Sheridan and attempting to beat her way through a history book while worrying about her friends.

The following morning, DreamWriter found herself called to see the Queen and then found herself being made into a lady’s maid for the guests. She blushed, “It’s an honor, Your Majesty.”

She spent most of her time making rounds to make sure each of the princesses were comfortable, though half the time she worried because most were like Sleeping Beauties most of the time, lacking energy and enthusiasm and it was worrisome at best, though she supposed these princesses were the lights of their worlds. And that echoed across their behaviors as most of them, their worlds were dark, casting a currently inerasable shadow across their light.

Of the Princesses, Kairi was the one with the most energy. And DreamWriter clung to making sure that this one Princess, the Star of Sora and Riku’s lives, didn’t fall to pieces like the rest of the Princesses seemed to be.

As the end of the week rolled around, DreamWriter found Kairi faltering, matching the increasing darkness the Refs on Radiant were worrying incessantly about. She turned to encouragement, taking lines from Sora, King Mickey, Ryune, Axel, and even Kairi herself to try to bolster the girl's spirit. “Chin up, Princess. Darkness makes light shine brighter, so shine for Sora and Riku and Roxas. Remember, no matter how far apart, each world shares a sky and a sea, so even if the world itself is gone, its sky and its sea – its potential for regrowth is still existent.”

She also mirrored this same energy toward the refs, who were doing their best to plan an offensive and defensive stance to protect their new home against all odds. Someone had to make the encouraging speeches after all... and it was something she knew she could do now.
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Dreamwriter stared at the young man, his laptop balanced precariously on his lap as they sat on the hillside near the Maw.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

She saw him sigh before she heard it. "I dreamed...again."

He stood up, looking off over to the cliffs, "... I've always collected keys before. And I always thought there was something important about them. You taught me so much in explaining to me those keys that Sora and Roxas have. But... In my dreams... This time, they and their colleagues found a door that simply did not lock nor unlock."

there was another pause, "I was with them. The keyblades did nothing for it. Some strong force guarded the door. And... there was a voice.... A voice that simply seemed different. It was not male nor female. It simply was. It ebbed and flowed. Like a song.... like the way wind blows across the Maw... only both gentler and fiercer... It had a comforting roar.... I wanted to pass through that door... but... I was missing the key that opens all locks...."

Emmy looked over at Dream, feeling the power emanating from the small present she was going to give her... younger brother. That's what Dream had become in her heart. The youngest of the Dreaming siblings.

"Let me dream with you tonight. Perhaps, we can both enter that door."

In the room DreamWriter shared with Dream, she stood by the window, taking down the dreamcatcher that usually stayed in the window and replacing it with a more elaborate one that had been a recent gift from DreamSeeker, the last time her dream sister had been at Rainbow's End.

golden key on leather thongWhen Dream came in she smiled, "I have a gift for you." She tugged the leather thong of the necklace out of her basket, and looped the thong through the bow of the key one last time for security.

The silver-haired young man's ice-blue eyes stared in awe at the key hanging from her fingers. "..."

She smiled at the appreciation obvious in his silence.

"I'm glad you like it Dream. And you're welcome." He took the key from her, putting it on immediately.

"...It's warm."

She smiled, "That key is special. It has power... and it seems to resonate with you."

In spite of DreamWriter's insistence to write happy stories and change things through writing, lucid dreams had never really been her strong point.

But, she found herself easily guided by Dream in this instance. In the dream, she saw them... the Keybearers staring confusedly at a locked door and she could feel the presence of the spirit blocking the door. When she heard the voice, she heard a flutter as if of wings in addition to the roaring sound that she slowly recognized as the sound of ocean waves... So familiar and gentle.

shining golden keyIn the darkness of the place where the eight of them stood, it wasn't the keyblades that glowed, but the single key around Dream's neck. The young man walked up slowly, reverantly touching the stone wall.

The door opened, and DreamWriter remembered the starting phrase of one simple Disney song, "A Dream is a wish your heart makes..."
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written for [livejournal.com profile] charloft's "Tell us how the story ends" prompt.

Emmy sat perched on a tree branch overlooking the ocean, she wore a gown of white with beige moccasins on her feet. Behind her she knew there was the ivory tower -- the Citadel of Dreams-- colored golden by the rising sun.

Looking over at the shore, she noted her siblings, smiling. They were together for once... Flying together, dreaming together. Making memories and learning all this world had to offer.

Dreamer, DreamSeeker, DreamWriter, and the youngest -- Dream, had finally found their home, a place where they could live, seek passion and feel at home together.

Each of them had an important role living in this place. DreamSeeker had been the one who sought the world for her dream -- the Angel who led the Dreamers with her lantern. Dreamer was the first of the unseeing believers, the ones who know what they want, but cannot see it without being shown the way. Dream was the one who opened the door, and finally DreamWriter was the records keeper, making sure the city records were in order.
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A/N:'nother section of this future-fic continuation...let's backtrack to shortly after the end of the Refugee Crisis...plunnied thanks to Aya's SomethingWeird'sGoingOn Crack Roll Call.
Word Count: 800 words

Let's flashback to 9 months after the Refugee Crisis )


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