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Birthdate:Apr 22
>>; This is my personal notebook for World Refugees([info]worldrefugees) and World Refugees 2([info]worldrefugees2) and The Continuation of World Refugees ([info]needsmoarepic) and World Refugees Final Mix ([info]wrfinalmix) made to help me keep track of what's going on and document my travels.

"In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable, and help to change it." - Ernst Fischer

----the following application information is out-of-date, it will be updated when the owner has a brain and time!----

Name:[info]dreamwriteremmy, Emmy
Age: 21
Handle for AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ, though AIM is advised, heavily: [AIM]sanuraausbloom
[MSN] [Y!M]dragon_koneko356 [ICQ]493330758 [GTalk] [Skype]emmyhry

Appearance: I'm short(4'8.5") and I have dark brown hair with red highlights that's roughly shoulder length and dark chocolate brown eyes. I wear glasses that are frequently skewed to the right--thanks to falling asleep wearing them--something that's become a hard habit to break and I wear an old blue dress from Ingary primarily, though I have a few other outfits in my possession(my goldenrod golden phoenix masquerade costume, my clothes from Earth-Prime, and a tattered boy's outfit from Ingary)

Personality: The most prominent thing that I'd say sticks out about who I am is that I like to blend in, so that tends to be my coping mechanism. I'm extremely shy, though i tend to hide it with a bubbly, self-confident front. It's a mask and really, not to many people get to see underneath that mask because i bury myself into work when i'm worried, whether it be through writing, typing away at the laptop, or doing errands. This means that at the really big parties, you're probably going to find me helping out as much as possible. I'm also indecisive, though when my mind is focused on something, it's not likely to give it up easily and I'm willing to try anything once. Also exceedingly paranoid and self-critical and rather practical, though idealistic.

Family: no one is with me, my parents were left behind in Traverse Town with a note that implies that I'm staying with friends. I presume they went home.

Abilities, prior experience, weapons, etc.
Abilities & Weapons: I teach meditation for grounding and centering--a focusing tool. I also have a broken spearshaft that has been alternately used as a close-range spear and a stave, but i prefer dodging. I did one sparring practice once with Brandon. I also dance. I declined every offering for magic, though i was told i'd be good at it.....I prefer my "Earth-That-Was/Is" magics which the meditations were based off of, which have much fewer risks and require a slight bit less self-confidence and emotion control.

Prior Experience: I did a decent bit of world hopping after the destruction of Earth--starting at Beast's Castle where [info]kunenk and I scavenged food from the kitchen, then to Olympus Coliseum where I equipped myself with my weapon(the spearshaft thing), then to Ingary--where the whole group got into a bit of a fiasco and i got the majority of my clothing, a wickerbasket and a few potions. Then portal day came, bringing me into Wonderland where I got into a bit of trouble with red nocturnes and used just about as much potions as I earned and garnered a collection of tea as well as getting over some of my fear of heights. After Wonderland, I went to Disney Castle where I started teaching dance, balance and grounding-and-centering meditations. Upon receiving word from my parents, I decided to go to Traverse. As a going-away present, the Disney Castle mages gave me a stationery kit and a copy of a meditation book requesting a book on magic from my view. In Traverse, I began to write the book as requested.

After the big Masquerade party, I returned to Disney Castle partly for research purposes and partly for the business of trying to protect canon by reporting into the Queen with information. My parents were left behind in Traverse with a note that seemed to imply that I was going to stay with friends. Unfortunately, when the Gummi routes closed---I got stuck at the castle.
Earth prime outfit - Simmons College Tshirt, black Fontbonne Academy micro fleece pants, sneakers
blue dress from Ingary
goldenrod dress from Ingary
tattered boys outfit from Ingary - badly damaged
knit blue and purple poncho, torn to pieces and baddly singed - badly damaged
a phoenix tail -- strips of cloth sewn together into a tail
a bird-beaked masquerade mask
golden ballet flats
a red leotard
white ballet tights
split-sole ballet shoes
a mint and chocolate tea party dress
a doeskin cloak
a staff formerly a broken spearshaft now repaired into a travel-staff with an adjustable copper wire tip-cup so she doesn't have to tie on her spearhead or the decorative tips - one obsidian and one lavender quartz
a wicker basket
a rather tatty broken Simmons College messenger bag
an old Dell laptop, cover is a bit bent
a Sims2 Disk
A writing desk and quill set with an anti-turbulence enchantment supposedly called the "Hope-Writer Replica Set"
an ankh-scarab brooch with the following interchangeable inserts - a clear quartz, an orangey-red fire opal, and a peachy orange carnelian
a reddish brown journal with a golden design of flying swans in the shape of a moon or helix
a box with some ink-stained parchment and a very basic quill pen.
a book on basic meditations on focusing magic. has a short-hand basic introduction to magical theory.

Companion: Sheridan, a mute house fae with a tendency to enjoy finding things if bribed with shiny stuff. Hates untidiness. picked up in Ingary on Day 4 of Star Market in 2009.
Current Mental State: paranoid-ish
Current Physical State: normal
Current Location: Radiant Garden

Disclaimer: PB is Alexis Bledel, I do not know or claim to be Alexis Bledel, however. Also I do not own Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy or Disney... Those belong to Walt Disney and Square Enix. :p

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead
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