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Dreamwriter stared at the young man, his laptop balanced precariously on his lap as they sat on the hillside near the Maw.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

She saw him sigh before she heard it. "I dreamed...again."

He stood up, looking off over to the cliffs, "... I've always collected keys before. And I always thought there was something important about them. You taught me so much in explaining to me those keys that Sora and Roxas have. But... In my dreams... This time, they and their colleagues found a door that simply did not lock nor unlock."

there was another pause, "I was with them. The keyblades did nothing for it. Some strong force guarded the door. And... there was a voice.... A voice that simply seemed different. It was not male nor female. It simply was. It ebbed and flowed. Like a song.... like the way wind blows across the Maw... only both gentler and fiercer... It had a comforting roar.... I wanted to pass through that door... but... I was missing the key that opens all locks...."

Emmy looked over at Dream, feeling the power emanating from the small present she was going to give her... younger brother. That's what Dream had become in her heart. The youngest of the Dreaming siblings.

"Let me dream with you tonight. Perhaps, we can both enter that door."

In the room DreamWriter shared with Dream, she stood by the window, taking down the dreamcatcher that usually stayed in the window and replacing it with a more elaborate one that had been a recent gift from DreamSeeker, the last time her dream sister had been at Rainbow's End.

golden key on leather thongWhen Dream came in she smiled, "I have a gift for you." She tugged the leather thong of the necklace out of her basket, and looped the thong through the bow of the key one last time for security.

The silver-haired young man's ice-blue eyes stared in awe at the key hanging from her fingers. "..."

She smiled at the appreciation obvious in his silence.

"I'm glad you like it Dream. And you're welcome." He took the key from her, putting it on immediately.

"...It's warm."

She smiled, "That key is special. It has power... and it seems to resonate with you."

In spite of DreamWriter's insistence to write happy stories and change things through writing, lucid dreams had never really been her strong point.

But, she found herself easily guided by Dream in this instance. In the dream, she saw them... the Keybearers staring confusedly at a locked door and she could feel the presence of the spirit blocking the door. When she heard the voice, she heard a flutter as if of wings in addition to the roaring sound that she slowly recognized as the sound of ocean waves... So familiar and gentle.

shining golden keyIn the darkness of the place where the eight of them stood, it wasn't the keyblades that glowed, but the single key around Dream's neck. The young man walked up slowly, reverantly touching the stone wall.

The door opened, and DreamWriter remembered the starting phrase of one simple Disney song, "A Dream is a wish your heart makes..."
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...I usually never dream... so this was odd. Very strange indeed, though given the news and the music i was listening to before bed... I'm not surprised. I saw and danced with Mother Earth again........

Much as i hate home.... welll... Home is something important to me. I was born on Earth Day. Says a lot about me, doesn't it? I admired Xemnas's plan both when he was Xemnas and when he was Orpheus.... and yet such a hardset force connects me to earth. I want both. Everyone wants something. Everyone wants more than they can have.

lyrics and video under cut )
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"I want to dream. I want to be free. I want happiness. I want love. I want to be me."

I hate the way society has laid itself out. i hate the dichotomy of society... money, spectacular grades, and spectacular looks versus what you can do, how well you handle things, and what's on the inside. And of course the power of networking.

Society today is full of corruption, power, force of will, espionage, lies. What happened to love? Where did it all go?

I'm losing hope. I don't see the point in this. I know there must be more...

It's a painful world when the historian doesn't see a point in recording....

I've been extremely clucky since January. I'm only 20 and I want to have a baby. It's so funny, though. You'd never expect this from me if you knew me well, considering the fact that there is a pretty deep internal aversion to the physicality of romance.

All I want to do right now is have a family. I want to be the 1950s mom who stays at home, takes care of the kids, and maybe does some clerical work for her husband.

Is it wrong that I have 1950s ideals? Tell me, why it is wrong to wish for the past or a future yet unknown?

Please tell me there is something more beyond this darkness... please.

"I think one of our most important tasks is to convince others that there is nothing to fear in difference; that difference, in fact, is one of the healthiest and most invigorating of human characteristics without which life would become meaningless. Here lies the power of the liberal way: not in making the whole world Unitarian, but in helping ourselves and others to see some of the possibilities inherent in viewpoints other than one's own; in encouraging the free interchange of ideas; in welcoming the fresh approaches to the problems of life; in urging the fullest, most vigorous use of critical self-examination." - Aldlai Stevenson
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for [livejournal.com profile] charloft: Dirty litle secrets. Some secrets are big, and some are just embarassing. What embarassing little secrets do you have? Do you enjoy watching soaps, do you sleep with a teddy bear? Confess!
nb: this is as much the MUN's opinion as her character... do remember that DreamWriter happens to be a KH-crossversed version of the mun.

They say two can keep a secret if only one of them is dead, but truly? I believe there are people who can hide "dirty little secrets". It's all a matter of perspective. Who's to say what is reality and what is fiction? Define "real." Can you?

My reality and yours may differ greatly. Maybe this is all someone's game. Maybe we all live a dream. And maybe, just maybe, we will wake from this dream. I mean, think about it. It's easily accessible to bullshit. That's why there are LJs about "fake LJs and fake MySpaces." But even more than that, it's quite easy to change one's appearance subtly and become one of 3 in a rating community instead of one. :o The internet makes BS worthwhile and simple. Especially with 32 minute internet access in libraries and almost unlimited access for college labs.

My secret? I like BS... a lot. Drama's my thing even if I can't act for SHIT in person or voice. LJ is my theatre.
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written for [livejournal.com profile] charloft's "Tell us how the story ends" prompt.

Emmy sat perched on a tree branch overlooking the ocean, she wore a gown of white with beige moccasins on her feet. Behind her she knew there was the ivory tower -- the Citadel of Dreams-- colored golden by the rising sun.

Looking over at the shore, she noted her siblings, smiling. They were together for once... Flying together, dreaming together. Making memories and learning all this world had to offer.

Dreamer, DreamSeeker, DreamWriter, and the youngest -- Dream, had finally found their home, a place where they could live, seek passion and feel at home together.

Each of them had an important role living in this place. DreamSeeker had been the one who sought the world for her dream -- the Angel who led the Dreamers with her lantern. Dreamer was the first of the unseeing believers, the ones who know what they want, but cannot see it without being shown the way. Dream was the one who opened the door, and finally DreamWriter was the records keeper, making sure the city records were in order.
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so I went to the shops, and guess what DreamWriter found? A very brilliant journal that perfectly fits for this new year. I think DreamSeeker will be able to see why best. And I got it for a discount because it's a bit damaged and faded from being in a display case near a window.

I took pictures. )

ooc note: yes, this is a real journal i bought from a real store.... and i dunno it just said "DreamWriter's new book!" and yes, I did get it for about a $2 discount.
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Hey Mom and Dad and the Kids,

I apologize for taking such a long break on emailing you, things got really busy off-world.

I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas season. Um... I sent my Christmas List on the last gummiship headed towards Earth a few weeks ago along with a forwarding address, if you want to send any presents my way. But to be honest, right now I don't really need much. I'm having fun out here and getting ready for school to start where I am. it's nice and comfortable.

I miss you all. Tell Abby she gets a big bear hug from me.


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Dear DreamSeeker,

Happy Holidays. I hope this reaches you well.

I miss you. How goes the quest for science?

Hopefully I'll see you around Christmas or Yule. If not, have a very happy holidays and a happy New Year.

Hugs, Love and Light,

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[Emmy] DreamWriter looked up, "who's to say an end's an end?"
She shrugs, "My multiverse was destroyed once by darkness. Rebuilt by children. and then destroyed again by darkness, restored by a child. destroyed by a dream, and then restored by children. That says something about time and the universe as a whole."

[Tamara] Kids made the world? Did they make it out of chocolate and sticky things and stuffed animals?
That's probably the kind of world I would have made as a kid.

[barista] Nah, it's that 'power of the imagination' thing.

[Emmy] light, hope, truth, love, memory.

[barista] I've played a few games that work out like that.

[Emmy] no one dreams the same.

[barista] Which explains universes built entirely around tentacular horrors.

[Fritz]Mmmmmm...I dream about revenge. *distant smile then blushes* And marshmallows. yeah.

[Killian] Like The Neverending Story?

[barista] Something like that. Or Kingdom Hearts.

[Tamara] That's kind of nice though.

[Emmy:]...Both. Kingdom Hearts became a reality in my world. And there were many parallels to the Neverending Story during the DreamWar...

[Killian] Didn't name a kid Moonchild, did you?

[Emmy]mmm... Moonchild was eventually named Orpheus.

[Emmy] though his story was backwards

[Tamara] I ... have the feeling I'm missing something here

[Emmy]... it's a long story. *waves the journal in her hand* I'm writing it.

[Killian] Wasn't that book already written? What're you doing, fanfic?

[Emmy]mmm... not exactly
...i'm writing about my world
. fanfiction and reality in my universe are kinda... eh... we'll put it this way: Disney's copyright is screwed and SquareEnix wants to make a videogame of our story.

Fritz takes a long sip of Pepsi, tapping his feet

[barista] It's a panfandom world - when multiple fictional continuities slide together into an unholy union. It happens.

[Killian] ...wow

[Fritz] Like a fiction orgy...
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Title: Dream Again?
By: DreamWriter
Summary: Dreamer once long gone, has returned.
Notes: probably quite a bit of OOC on the part of Orpheus because I do not usually write fics with Orpheus as a main focal character.

Can you dream once you stop? )
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OOC Note: Unposted Log #1 will be posted soon as I ask Ruby for a copy of it. -__-;

Who: Robin & Emmy
What: Doubts and Thoughts
When: November 11th before this
Where: AIM

Did you think we'd all dream the same? )
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Of Darkness, Dreams and Refugees
By DreamWriter

November 12, 2008
Well, things are over now, but the history of those who were the refugees live on. As the wheel turns, life goes on. I think I'm going to fill in the blanks in my journal with memories. Memories aren't enough for me to make this feel real, but it's a start. A fragment of emotion, of reality, immortalized in ink on parchment.

My dream has not yet faded, but with my own darkened dream, my heart aches to tell you stories. To show you my pains and the trials of the refugees.

I am DreamWriter – the storyteller who keeps things known in the present. The one with Dreamer's eyes, DreamSeeker's love of passion, and the known reality of the non-Dreamers. I'm the liaison between Dreaming and Waking.

Did you truly think we'd all dream the same?

And that is how this tale begins.

[[wordcount 154 as of 11/12/08 5:37 EST]]
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for [livejournal.com profile] charloft in response to this sunday's prompt to create a want ad. Here's Emmy's.

[[Reply here]]
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Of Darkness, Dreams and Refugees
By DreamWriter Emmy

Everyone's heard of Earth's Refugees and how they saved the worlds. But the story didn't start there. It started long before that with a world known as Radiant Garden and a wise old scientist named Ansem.

Ansem was studying light and dark with his fellow scientists.

[note: insert more background here, above written by 8:36PM, current word count(notes don't count):54]
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...for once I found a song that can be both gen AND shippy, not one or the other. i've put this song on the WR Playlist as covering both Amy's Dream reflecting Xemnas & Song and the log about Song getting Dusked. :o I actually love Vienna Teng so I'm amused I didn't look into grabbing her albums sooner...

Vienna Teng - My Medea )
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since song did something similar, only referencing her psychology use of icons... i figure why not explain mine?

on this journal [livejournal.com profile] emmy_worldrefs
to be honest more than half of these icons are book quotes:

in favor of surviving it's a refugee standpoint -- we just want to survive to tell the tale
live forever if stupid : another refugee standpoint -- we COULD believe the Dreaming, but it would be stupid... we spend far too much time forgetting to LIVE that living forever is inclined to make us lazy.
no teacher but the enemy - it's true, enemies are the only teachers
runes - yet unknown we don't know how the story will play out
fear for courage - it's what we sacrifice
what's loved - lives - this is my dreaming, hopeful icon
life's sake - this is why I'm a refugee
magic comes from the source - my metaphysical journal icon
know think choose do - this is how I make my way, i analyze the choices in front of me
knowledge is just opinion that you trust enough to act upon - this is sort of my "talk to the hand" icon toward Song and Xemnas's pontification (sorry?)
Ariel Gade - Open Doors -- I see through their eyes (Dream Writer icon)
lignt unending - The White City/Xemnas's Dreaming (mostly used for fanfic)
Myriad Worlds - KH is myriad worlds
Time heart - this is my dreaming, hopeful icon

on [livejournal.com profile] ladybrighid3333 aka my WR posting journal (the wr icons I use when I remember to switch icons)
-Young wizards baseline of weirdness - the refugees set the baseline of weirdness of course :D (mostly it's a silly icon)
-ariel gade Pb - i see myself as a kid, again this is my "I see through your eyes" icon
light unending - again this is the Xemnas's Dreaming icon of mine
Emmy - Dream Writer I'm the dreamwriter, song is dream seeker, xemnas is dreamer
Emmy - WR Alexis bledel PB - after the casting post, i located one of the alexis bledel icons I thought looked kind-of like me
KH: Not About to Die - My battle/surviving icon for WR
still shy - Alexis bledel - Again, another icon from after the casting post. i underline the fact that I'm shy a lot, and Alexis bledel actually confessed that inspite of being an actress she's still shy (thus the words)

ooc post

Aug. 28th, 2008 10:33 pm
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... a part of me is a little scared when i read the plot outline XD

>>; though i'm theoretically saving practically a whole CD for the third arc since I realized one of my cds has songs almost all focused on dreams and nightmares. XD

also i never remember most of my dreams, sooo uuuuhhh i can't really get into this OMG everyone's having cool dreams sideplot. :/ If I ever dream at all it's about oversized spiders, rats, or murder, reconnaissance and disguises... I love how almost all my dreams involve either symbolism or literal expressions of someone talking behind my back. :/

Because of those, I've always used a dream catcher or a mental dream shield when I sleep. Dream catcher has seemed to catch everything.. :/ it's nearly orange now from use... I need to buy a new one at some point.

But, maybe I can tweak my mind a bit and get a irl WR-inspired daydream at somepoint within the next few weeks or something... i hope. :/ if not i'll just be the lonely dreamer who doesn't dream, but writes dreams and wishes and hopes for the future...


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