Jan. 26th, 2011

dreamwriter_emmy: Alexis Bledel (brunette smiling sitting on a bench) (I play with my hair when I'm nervous)
Weird between Seph and I solving the mystery of the missing Eli, I really shouldn't doubt myself quite so often...

Hmm... I think I'll give the dregs of this cold about a week before going back out into the multiverse.

I don't think Sheridan enjoys being the 'mute ten year old I'm babysitting'. Why did I even use that as an explanation? Hell if I know.


1. first stop will be Radiant and I'm staying until Eli's birthday.... I'm going to leave belated Christmas presents at Rainbow's End for people to pick up at their leisure.

2. then i'm going to Twilight because I'm supposed to be doing that housesitting job... the Casa's a secondary home for Refs... hnn... I wonder if I should ask Yen Sid about renewing the wards on the Casa....


I miss my dream-sister too... :/ All the birds fly the nest and I'm alone waiting and dreaming.
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