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Dreamwriter sighed, closing the laptop lid and looking at Sheridan. "How would you heal a world's spirit?"

Sheridan tipped her head to one side and then did a series of hand waves that Dreamwriter was starting to begin to understand after so many months living with the mute little fae.

Since the sequence ended with a hug which Dreamwriter had learned to symbol care and love in Sheridan's awkward sign language. Dreamwriter chuckled, "I assumed that it would be the same as everything else -- love, care and gentility. The question is how do we get to that place between where we can know the spirits? It happened on a fluke last time -- a boon for saving the worlds."

She sighed, "This time we must unlock the doors ourselves, it's not so much of a gift of a window. Though I hope we can find a window without unleashing a shadow. The worlds don't need more pain right now, if Aerith's post is any indication."
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