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While other refugees gleefully went after chasing Calum in their quest to save both Ryune and Josiah, the DreamWriter sat at a desk in Radiant Library that looked over the town, the town now abandoned by much of the Refugees. If one looked at her from the entrance, it looked like she was frozen in place and time had stopped, her eyes were closed and she seemed almost at rest. All that moved was her hands, Hope-Writer, the black and silver quill in her hands scrawling across parchment. Spirit Writing, or Automatic Writing was what this was often called on Earth. However, she wasn't writing words from Spirits, but words from her own heart. The Scarab at her neck, held the carnelian still... The symbol of connection.

Sheridan lazily sat on the nearby windowsill, watching over the Refugee.

The scrawl on the paper read something like this -

DreamSeeker, Dreamer, Messenger... Lover, Villain, Outsider....Twilight, Darkness, Light... Always connected, always together. Hard enough though our paths be... Never lost, never forgotten. Some things will stay, some things will go. Oneday, brilliance we evoke together, the balance of worlds, will save us all. Worlds sleeping are not dead. The cycle must return. The sun will rise, our hearts will blend. Our wish will be. Dream together.

The fight may last, but hope shines true. Whatever is given, can be saved. And little most know, memories serve far greater purpose in love and hope. For they are what build us up, and they are what define us as much as our actions.

We are waiting to stop dreaming. We are waiting to move. Help us turn to what we should.

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The scrawl on the paper continued, though its handwriting changed to a formal colonial quill print with curled edges, "Osprey, it's time to scavenge the seven seas. Songbird, it's time to evoke the dream. Crow, it's time to spread your wings. You ARE the messenger between!"

DreamWriter stood up, and seemed to look through the window, her gaze blank and aloof, her eyes closed, she let out a crow loud and strong. "Wake up, wake up! Dream with me. I'll connect you to what you will be. I'll keep you safe, you are my memory. We are brothers and sisters, children of light. Though three of us fell to darkness, and three of us walk between... while the rest of us stay and keep the peace."

"together we make all the shades, the world is ours, we must work together togheter to build bridges not burn them... for light burns too strong alone and darkness eats away the light... we need the betweens and the opposites to keep the world healthy... too much darkness poisons the waters, too much light boils it up. The balancers need to walk the balance and make sure our divisions are stitched."

Sheridan buzzed around the refugees shoulder as she spread her arms like wings and walked deosil around the library, chanting something softly.

Her arms crossed her chest in the death position and she fainted... Whomever found her later would find her fast asleep and barely responsive, with a rather low level mana for a non-magical entity.
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