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I keep my light shining on the community... but really? I'm worried.

I may live in light, and light outshines darkness, but even darkness has light and light, darkness. Without those, the world would be naught.

Things are very strange these days... Calum and the first darkness. Dream Brother Orpheus, flown away somewhere unknown. I miss him and I barely knew him, though our ideas are near complete opposites. We share the same dream, but a different methodology. It's always been the way with all three of us. And I... I'm the artist, the one who creates in the now, but does so slowly inspite of impatience, rather than destroying that which is cared for by others. My problem is that I worry too much and I give too much, though. That's my darkness. I am open to any possibilities, as long as faith, loyalty, love, and friendship remain intact.

I'm going to Narnia, hopefully, with Rox and a few others. I hope to heavens Aslan will hear the prayer of someone who doesn't quite believe in him, but in another variation of him. It's hard you know. Doubting oneself and ones belief system. THough, at least I was once one of his kind. I hope we can find some answers. So much is problematic. The World is problematic, but that doesn't mean a solution is destruction, rather... the solution is balance. We do need the first darkness, but at the same time, we need it in moderation. it's... just hard to figure out where that is if you don't even know where to start. And... thinking is running us in circles and time... we don't have enough time and not enough answers. How do you fix things when you don't exactly know how they are broken?
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